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Fake pictures, oddities of the diaries, the end of the story of the Dyatlov group

Original text: Фальшивые фотосъемки, странности дневников, конец истории группы Дятлова

This is the last picture from the films of the Dyatlov group, allegedly taken by Kryvonishchenko on February 1, 1959 and later. Favorite of conspiracy theorists, developing military, alien, missile-secret and other stories. The joke of the photographer - author of the film, some window through the glass of the lamp, shot without sharpness on a low shutter speed . This is not about this shot, of course.

A post of several comments that have been accumulated here for the time. Be sure to read the 1 and 2 parts of the work of blogger Alexander Beresnev, and extensions

this is an integral part of the post.


The group did not go anywhere further than the abandoned settlement of the 2nd Northern Mine, where they were delayed on January 26 not by their own free will. There they were killed, two parties delivered under Ortorten. Diaries and pictures are falsified.

Photoshop of that era or, as they said at the time of FED and Zorky, the photo montage, was more time-consuming and more accurate in the result. On the panoramic photo were superimposed cut-out photos of objects by the sizing, selected on the magnifier, painted, retouched, pressed, filmed. The resulting shot was applied to an undeveloped film, with a copy frame, with shot of neutral species of nature, in the beginning added real shots of Sverdlovsk, Serov, Vizhaya. Shots locations were marked and isolated, gaps were spoiled with a brush with a reagent. A puddle of reagent was dropped on a few shots - fixer is quite suitable; in the end it turned out to be white - a blurry black spot on the photo. The film dried and developed. Technology available even to an amateur at home. In this case, the development of the films was left to the investigation, bringing them in cameras with bodies and a tent on the pass.

Such an overlap on perforation, as at the bottom, is impossible basically, as well as different distance between shots. The gears of the rewinding mechanism and perforation are unified, and this happens only when manually applying shots with a copy frame.

Allegedly, a photo of Zolotarev dated January 27, 1959.

 It is clear that the horse, in comparison with the wagon, looks like a pony or a donkey - the author made it and the sleigh too small. But let's see the long-range plan by overlaying a photo. The line coincided, but the second photo had to be rotated along the axis. It should not be; the photographer has moved substantially...

Now - poses. On two pictures used the same shots of Kolmogorova, Dubinina, Doroshenko. On this photo

let's put this in a transparent layer, with the fifth leg of the horse.

That's what we got.

The girls combined, only their heads slightly drawn on the second photo work, Doroshenko they shifted.

It can be considered a photo montage proven.

Some Dyatlov researchers object: these are real photos, the group posed. I suggest they clarify three points.

The horse rode about ten meters. At this time the three in front of her froze and stood without moving. It doesn't work that way.

The four behind the sleigh ran this distance at the speed of a horse, and at the moment of the shot they froze in static pose, and the horse continued to move, falling into the shot in dynamics. This does not happen, twice.

The photographer moved close to Doroshenko, but did not move close to the girls. This does not happen at any angles and offsets.

Inserting the girls, the master made a mistake by a millimeter. He didn’t touch the bodies, and their heads on the second photo slightly shifted, changing the angle of inclination.

If you combine them separately, you can see that the distance between them differs by a millimeter, and on the second photo the pair was shifted close to the background.

I was able to show it this way.

Who insists that the photos with the horse are real, and the photographer asked the characters to freeze, explain this.

The figure of Doroshenko with ski poles on the second photo was shifted to the left relative to the background, but the ski poles remained hanging in place. Listened to the photographer 's commands and frozen for the second picture...

The first figure was slightly expanded horizontally (the master is not an idiot to put absolutely identical figures; otherwise any fool will notice the montage).
It is made by tilting the frame on the magnifier table. Sharpness suffers, but it doesn’t matter with this quality.


Well, the fifth leg was left from the photo source with the second horse. In the testimony of witness Driahlyh, two horses carried belongings also. The script was replayed on one horse, but the second was not cleaned up. Neither in papers nor in photo work.

Yes, and to this one they attached a sleigh crookedly, the right thill were buried in the snow, but not in the runner.


Photomontage of the filming of the Dyatlov's group dated January 27, 1959 means that all GRU, CIA, KGB, snowslide, mansi and other versions, no matter how many of them, pass by.

Murderous for researchers of Dyatlov's group commentary in the VK by Artem Korneltsev . Let those who insist on the authenticity of the pictures explain a very simple thing. How is it that on a skewed background the figures of people are located directly? How is that even possible?

Moreover, on the second photo work the horse and Yudin went crooked, i.e. filmed in kind, and three stand straight, i.e. inserted. Stupid photomaster? Another one!

Birches in the near-term plan and the ski track are lit from the left, that is, from the East, although in the story the group of woodpeckers goes North, in the sunset hour.
Epic nitwit photographers!


Finally, pay attention to the pose of the Doroshenko figure. The photographer moved around the figure by all 45-50 degrees. The figure, except of the legs, did not turn a degree. Undoubtedly, one figure was layered on all three photos. Composite, legs - separately. We will see these legs below, on three photos of the photosession on Lozva.

About skiing.

Athletes choose their skis according to their height: height plus 25 cm. But such that the Kolmogorova`s skis , the smallest in the group, were twice as large as those of Dubinina`s skis, and longer than those of Doroshenko`s skis, the tallest in the group, in principle can not be. The photographer is absolutely not familiar with skis and sticks.
Skis were measured from the ski toe to the ankle. All skiers stand in the same ski track


Krivonischenko watches "mansi signs" (made with clerical ink) on a tree. Allegedly photographed by Dyatlov on January 30, 1959.

The same tree on an authentic photo allegedly shot by Krivonischenko.

For the second photo, the photographer took a step to the left relative to the tree. The view of the tree almost did not change. But the long-range plan has shifted a huge distance, and not to the left, as it should be, but to the right. This is impossible. Photo from Krivonischenko - pure montage.

Another landmark on the background: a dry spruce.

If we focus on shifting the details of the long-range plan, the question can be posed as follows: how did the photographer manage to move to the right with respect to the pine with the sign on the second photo and at the same time open the gap between it and the next pine?

No way. It's impossible. If only a photo from Krivonischenko is not a montage.

The tree behind the mansi-pine at the montage and the real photo is the same, but peeled for the second shoot. And they did it so that it was possible to find a good angle, conveniently insert the figure of Krivonischenko. In short supply were photos of the Dyatlov group for montages.

The long-range plan coincided perfectly, only photographed on different days. Geometrically, with such a coincidence, two trees simply cannot stand in different ways. Unless inserted under the requirement of convenience of inspection by the figure of Krivonischenko.

Before watching another photo work, we explain the strangeness in the diaries.

If read carefully, it is not difficult to notice that there are very few entries, and they are fragmented; and that they contain contradictions that are only deliberately embedded.

This is the signal that was written under duress.

Of course, a lot is sifted out, but also in the left full of signals. In the form of confusion. In the form of an unprecedented date of 30.2.59 in Kolmogorova 's diary. In the form of conscious mistakes over time-thanks to blogger lioha-derevnia.

Read in the General diary:

27.1.59.  At 4 o'clock we started... We drove 8 km in 2 hours... It was getting dark.

January 28.  We get up to rest at 5: 30.

In fact, in Ivdel, the sun sets at 16: 46. In the area of the village of Severny-a minute or two earlier. At 17: 30 and 18: 00 it is dark, and nothing is visible at all.

And then the diary goes straight on about what happened.

One thing that 's worth!

A copy of the diary of the participant of the march Z. Kolmogorova (so the document is named in the CC). January 30.

Lyuda quickly worked out

Kolya Thibo changed clothes. Started writing a diary

And so they argued for a long time to whom to sew up the tent... we sewed holes (and there were so many of them that there was enough work for everyone except for the two on duty and Lyuda

Today is the birthday of Sasha Kolevatov. Congratulations, give mandarin, which he immediately divides into 8 parts

What they could and how they could - they reported. Lets's compare the notes with the facts.

Dubinina was killed the first among three, if we focus on the decomposition stage. By held until April until decomposition of the soft tissues of the face, so that there were fewer questions for them.

Thibo, put in the group of the most decomposed bodies, did not decompose, with a 26-31-day-old stubble up to 1 cm , although it is not even close on the photo, he is the only one in winter clothes. That is, he was killed the last. To survive to this point, it was necessary to cooperate with the killers.

Which tent was sewn up without three? What kind of holes? Neither in the diaries nor in the tent there is even a hint of holes and stitching. But there are three, obviously killed the first, decomposed, without soft tissues of the face. The meaning of the written - Dubinina killed, two are goners. The holes that were enough for everyone - beatings. There is nothing more to be.

Kolevatov divided it into 8 parts, because 8 of them survived.

Kolevatov did not have a birthday on January 30, 1959, he was born on November 16, 1934.

And in the newspaper Vecherniy Otorten - thanks to Semiletov's observation - the guys directly encoded the geographical latitude of the 2nd Northern Mine, the place of stay and death.


Allegedly photo of Thibo-Brignoles dated January 29, 1959.

Dyatlov’s ski is closer to the photographer than Doroshenko’s, but his legs are farther and his figure is much smaller.

How is this possible if they are not photographed separately and not inserted?

The difference in size is huge. These segments are the same. Dyatlov's shin shorter by a third. What can not be. If only the image is not a montage.


Allegedly photo of Krivonischenko dated January 27, 1959.

Dubinina stands closer to the photographer than Dyatlov. Moreover, stands turned around, her left shoulder closer to the photographer than her right shoulder.

How did Dyatlov’s hand come closer to the photographer than Dubinina’s left hand? No way, unless the figures are taken and put on skis from a different context.

Seeing the error, the master shifted the photo along the axis. And if we align it with trees, we will see that Dubinina is equal to Dyatlov in height (their difference is 8 cm, half a face), and her ski poles will become longer than Dyatlov's. These segments are equal, the left - from the end to the ring of the ski pole of Dubinina.

The huge difference in the length of the ski poles of Dubinina and Dyatlov with Kolevatov, what can not be in reality, will not reduce anything and will not add to the fake.


Three photos allegedly dated January 28, 1959 were taken by a photographer walking along backpacks.

Ski poles relative to backpacks are shifted, and significantly. With this is all right.

Backpacks are shifted relative to the background, and significantly. All is correct.

The figure of Doroshenko with a ski pole at his feet almost remains in place relative to the backpack. This should not be. Backpacks and ski poles were filmed in kind, the figure was layered, displaced by a small distance by the eye, and were greatly mistaken with this overlay.

These shots were distributed on the films of Krivonischenko, Slobodin, Zolotarev... Let the fighters for the authenticity of the montages tell how the three ran in turn to shoot.

And the addition here. Thanks to Maria Zmanovskaya .


Who will claim that the tree with the mansi signs was shot on the same day?

Photo allegedly dated January 29, 1959 of Krivonischenko and Zolotarev.

Tree for the montage.

(Guess from seven times: which of the two shots is a photomontage?)

This was photographed not even on different days with a tree in a real picture, but rather in different weeks.

The bark on the shot for photomontage is stripped, there is much less snow on the flaps of the bark.

Having photographed this tree for montage, its quality was degraded more than once, re-shot, and so succeeded in it that it is impossible to find common background details.

But as always, they did not notice what was in sight.

On a real photo near a pine tree trunk is visible. On the montage of the tree it is not.

Dummies did. As clique were dummies, so they remained.

We also note the fingerprint on the photo and the fresh snow on the branch above it.


The famous photo of farewell of Yudin and Dubinina in the 2nd Northern Mine dated January 28, 1959, allegedly by Krivonischenko.

It is clear that the pose of Dubinina does not imply Yudin in his arms at all. He is one and a half times wider than she by shoulders, his half-straightened arm, in principle, does not fit there. Her figure is taken from another picture.

And hugs with such backpacks do not suit. Hugged, then put on - so in life.

But that is not the point.

Yudin at the photo montage is less tall than Dubinina by height, which in fact cannot be.

Yudin's height is not unknown. He was photographed with someone extremely rarely. So then I managed to show his height only in a chain, and he is at least 180 cm.

Yudin with the writer-researcher of the Dyatlov's group incident Buyanov - they are the same height.

Buyanov is not a public person, but at least communicates with public ones. Buyanov and philosopher Zinoviev - about the same height.

Zinoviev was photographed alone, but his wife Olga Zinovieva is photographed with people a lot. When comparing her in the photo with her husband and politician Borodin - height is 192 cm, we will see that Zinoviev is much taller than 180 cm.

Girls Zina and Lyuda are of normal female height, 162 and 167 cm. Yudin should be almost head taller than both.

There is a photo with Yudin and Kolmogorova. He's on the porch, she's on the doorstep. Here the proportion is met.

Pay attention to the longest skis in the last photo.

These are Yudin’s skis, he took them. He was the highest in the group.

And it turns out that Yudin is significantly taller than Dubinina.

Thus, the photo of farewell by Dubinina and Yudin is a montage.

And still there is a picture where Kolmogorovа is up to Yudin's shoulder.

This difference cancels both of the farewell photo works - with Dubinina and Kolmogorova (about it just below).

There is a picture where Yudin’s height is determined by Dyatlov, whose height is 175 cm.

If you measure the height from the knee of Dyatlov and Yudin, the latter will turn out well beyond 180 cm, moreover, he is also bent over. These are segments of equal length.

Now pay attention to a simple thing. How can a girl of girlish build and height stand with a backpack of comparable volume and weight straight, holding ski poles in one hand, not leaning on them, and hug?

Dyatlov, a rather big guy, stands with support on ski poles and cannot do otherwise. If he straightens up, like Dubininа, he will fall back. It’s impossible to stand like that according to physical laws. Only on photo montage.

At the same time pay attention to the lighting. Dubinina's ski poles are clearly illuminated by the source on the left behind the photographer, Dyatlov's ski poles and pipes - by the source on the front right of the photographer.

In the same fragment, take a look at Yudin’s storm jacket. Buttons on the left margin, buttonholes on the right margin, that is, buttoned in a feminine style. Dyatlov, for comparison, is dressed in a men's storm jacket. In other words, Yudin’s figure for this photo montage is also mirrored.

And if you align the photo with the trees, it was like that. The master tried to somehow even out the height of the hugging couple and shifted along the axis.

At the same time, we ask the Foundation: are they not accomplices with falsifiers? Not only did they allegedly lose the 6th film given by daughter of Ivanov on March 13, 2009 against receipt (in the Internet, only 12 of 36 shots published at different times), and they continued to make defects in the remaining negatives.

Yudin himself prudently "remembers nothing" about this photograph. Watch at 14:30. And the rest of the time, they get an answer to a simple question: who carried the unique tent of the Dyatlov group? He constantly leaves the question.

Because it is really impossible to answer it.

Yudin is echoed by Thibault.

Thibault-Brignol's Note.

"Hello, Lida! Greetings from a room filled with sacks, tents and all sorts of food.
We are going on a campaign for Chistorp.
I listened to your letter with great attention - you describe the situation quite correctly.
It's good. That's it. Greetings from our wandering brethren.
23 I 59 K. Thibault". 

Everything is clean except the tents.
There were some double tents, four-person tents, and what and how many-we do not know.
And there was no unique, consisting of two parts of the Dyatlov`s tent for ten persons.It appeared only in the diaries completed before the murder after 26.01.1959, and on the pass where it was brought by the props.

And so they really stand with backpacks.

This is also a montage. Photographed allegedly dated January 29, 1959.

The author was seriously mistaken with the size of Dubinina’s figure; it should either be smaller or stand closer, but the rest of the people with backpacks on the original photos stood like this in reality.

Dubinina's ski tips and heels are almost at the same distance from the photographer. From the ski tip to the binding - less than a meter. That is, at this distance Dubinina is closer to the photographer than Slobodin, but her figure is almost one and a half times (!!!) bigger. A very serious mistake.

These segments - Dubinina's height from the soles to the neck-are of equal length.


Another error of sizing.

On the photo allegedly by Krivonischenko dated January 28, 1959, Kolmogorova and Zolotarev’s skis almost touch each other’s tips, which means that the distance between the figures is 1.5 meters. But what a huge, twofold difference in the size of the figures!

And having measured the height of the knee Thibo on the right and applying this segment to Kolmogorova from the soles, we see that her knee is exactly on the chest. If she would sit on the snow - it would be normal, but she sits on a backpack, and this is a sizing error.


Farewell of Kolmogorova with Yudin in the 2nd North dated January 28, 1959. The same mistake as in the editing with Dubinina: the girl stands with a backpack as without a backpack, waves her hands, a ski pole hangs on her hand.

Did a person, who never wore a backpack.

And very distracted.

There is no backpack strap.

And the straps of the backpacks of the members of the Dyatlov group cannot be hidden in the folds of their storm jackets.

Here is the correct montage - at Slobodin.

Although if you take a closer look, you will see that this is the same session, although the photo was taken away on January 30, 1959, and that Tibo’s supports was erased from the photo, the ski poles with rings wider than the face were painted, a third ski too was added.

These are segments of the same length in a photo with real sticks and in a fake photo with painted sticks.

On the second photo of Kolmogorova with a backpack, the photographer also forgot about the straps.

On this montage, the author again made a big mistake with sizing. Kolmogorova for Yudin by height up to the shoulder, but here she layered so large that Yudin looks like a child.


This is another mistake with the backpack. Allegedly photo 01.02.1959. The master put a 12-seat tent on Doroshenko's backpack. The total weight of the load should be more than the Doroshenko's weight , but the Doroshenko stands straight, without support.

When the master saw the error, he tried to correct it by rotating the photo on the axis. In the original, the photo montage looks like this. But it didn't help much.


Allegedly photo of Krivonischenko February 1 and etc.

Slobodin stands in the same pose.

Only on the second photo he took his left hand back.

The photographer moved left in front of the second photo minimally.

The huge spruce on the right in the first photo must inevitably be visible shifted to the left.

But where in the second photo on the left side of the picture there should be a huge spruce (in the case of a photographer’s displacement), there is a huge deciduous tree, on the left its branches enter, descending from a great height.

How so?

And here is the interesting thing.

Slobodin's right hand practically did not shift relative to the body and the photographer.

Lighting has changed. This means that he did not go anywhere, but turned around the axis, shifting the left shoulder back and keeping the right pose unchanged.

The background has changed. This means that the photographer has moved around Slobodin, and in the same direction in which Slobodin turned.

On the first picture Slobodin is standing in the full face, with a spruce in the background.

On the second shot, he turns left (away from us), and the photographer moves around him in the same direction.

In this case, the background does not move to the left, as expected, but to the right, contrary to logic and geometry.

Here is this bush with small detail.

Could the photo montagers have mixed up two pictures with the background, inserting Slobodin's figure? In my opinion, they should have put the figure from the second shot on the background of the first. And v.v., the figure from the first to the background of the second.


And some more montages.

It is believed that this photographed at February 1, 1959 by Dyatlov and Krivonischenko.

Near the tent lies a wonderful backpack littered with snow that no one has touched.

On the first photo, the photographer looks at the tent over the backpack in full view. Red lines - from the common point on the backpack to the details on the tent - the edges of the patch and snowbank at the bottom of the tent, similar to a hand. The blue line is the distance from the place where the tent is tied to the tree to the edge of the patch.

On the second photo, the photographer moved to the right of the backpack and tent. The distance from the place of attachment to the tree to the patch, instead of decreasing, increased significantly. At the same time, the dimensions of the backpack, patch, snowbank, similar to a hand, did not change if they were aligned with the thickness and details of the tree trunk. It should not be.

Two more objects showing the photographer’s offset relative to the tent, in which the length of the tent should be visually reduced instead of increasing, as in a photo montage. Ski and ski poles.

Details of the forest behind the tree and the tent - creativity is below criticism. There is nothing similar. Created, invented, tried...

Montages, of course. There was no self-made common tent for the Dyatlov group, except for the one that was put by falsifers in the February act of delivering the first batch of bodies.

There is still a cropped photo from the media with a midget Doroshenko - 180 cm, the tallest in the group after Yudin.

This photo, researchers of a Dyatlov's incedent are embarrassed to deliver, preferring cropped.

And on the left side of the tree, on an uncropped montage, there is no tent...

The cropped photo also does not have a tent behind a tree, although this is not so obvious.

Is it not because of the fact that the photo was cropped off?

And this, it seems, is the source of the photo for part of the montages. Sogrin's group.

In journalism, Sogrin is the same missiler as Yudin, Rakitin and others.

Whose tent was brought to the pass props? Nothing to guess about.


Now let's take a look at this photomontage, allegedly dated January 28, 1959 and think about where it could come from.

Lyuda’s unnatural pose is immediately evident.

The figure does not fit by the geometry - too small.

If you try to sit down on a stick like that, without support, with ski in your hand, you won’t be able to sit for even a second.

Zina’s figure is more plausible, but the sharpness of her face and ski poles should be the same. And ski poles are very thin, doubly fragile on the cold, and her weight with clothes is not less than 70 kg...

Now take another look at the figure of Dubinina and mentally rotate it clockwise. So usually people sit imposingly leaning back with support on their backs.

Let's recall one more oddity of all the films of the Dyatlov group. The group was in three cities, starting from the Sverdlovsk station, skiing in Ivdel until they caught the bus... There was nothing on the films, not even a proper group shot before the camping. Falsifers took pictures until January 26, 1959 for photo montages. Sitting at some station Dubinina from the actual filming became "Dubinina on a ski poles in the 2nd North."


Another typical insert. Allegedly, a photo dated January 31, 1959.

A terrible wind bends the trees and grass, but Zolotarev’s padded jacket hangs, as if on a chair, and does not flutter.

Allegedly, a photo of Krivonischenko, dated January 28, 1959.

Everything is clear. The height of Krivonischenko and Dubinina in the act of the pathologist 169 and 167 cm. They are almost the same height...

The conclusion is simple: the photomaster did not see the members of the Dyatlov group nearby. Too many sizing errors.

At the same time, pay attention: Krivonischenko is clean shaved. In the morgue and act, hehas a 13-15-day-old gray-haired stubble of 0.5 cm .

Also note the scratch above Thibo. White, i.e. on a positive carrier.

The hat interrupts it, which means: the figure was laid on the carrier.

With an increase, it is clear, that it is shines through, i.e. the master used photoplates.

Other overlays of inserted shapes on micro-damage.

Two photos 28.01.1959. Scratches covered with  Krivonischenko`s and Kolevatov`s

29.01.1959. Doroshenko is superimposed on the background.

30.01.1959. Epic stupidity! I forgot to draw a ski on my leg. ))

Dubinina's double face.

There are no other double faces in any of the photos.  The master of photomontage badly painted over the hood.  The hood was on the same photo shoot that was used for this fake photo.


Also, people joined to identifying errors of the photo master.  Thanks to the blogger Artyom Korniltsev .

Comparing this shot from a session on Lozva allegedly dated January 28, 1959

with others, even with the above, we see that the background is shifted. Pines in nature and on the photo grow straight.

If you align the picture with trees, it will be so.

Huge Lyuda is wider in the shoulders and taller than Thibo - given that she is bent. Their real height is 167 and 174 cm. Zina - 162 cm is generally a giant. If you measure the length of the forearm, Thibo is next to her like a small teenager. These segments are of equal length.

The photomaster saw this and turned the picture to hide his error with sizing.


Researchers of the Dyatlov`s group believe that it is the evening of 28.01, although the lighting in this photo is morning. But that's not the point.

The second skier without sticks. His hands are down, but he stands in the speaker, bent like everyone else, and takes a step. It is physically impossible to go skiing without support on ski poles, bent over with a backpack.

In the original photo, a person with a backpack is leaning on his left leg, hands down; or without a backpack at all, it was glued by a master. The master saw that there were no sticks, tried to correct the picture by putting one under his arm, but only made it worse.

The photo, allegedly made krivonischenko 01.02.1959.
Two left skis. The right ski is 1.5 times shorter than it should be in this leg position. 

The master placed the figure on skis from a different setting...


Photo allegedly of Krivonischenko dated January 30, 1959.

Zolotarev from the original image is inserted into the forest context. As bloggerAlexander Beresnev noted , the ski pole in the right hand is child-length, but in the left - normal.

Why is that? The ski pole was taken from a photo where the skier in motion took him back - look at the top end. But the fool-photomaster did not take it back, but stuck it in the snow near his leg, which made the ski pole waist-hight. At the same time, the lower part of the ski pole remained blurry, as it should be in motion.

This fool not only did not carry backpacks, he did not get up on skis and did not know anything about the length of ski poles. Where are such dumbasses recruited in a cliquе?

Three photos allegedly taken on January 31, 1959.
This is the ski stick of a little gnome of the Mansi mountains.

Not so beautiful, but obvious errors with the length of ski poles.
If the photo wizard had taken the ski poles aside, the photos would not have been fake. But he stuck ski poles in the snow near the skier 's foot, and the photos became obvious fakes

In addition to this, the master of photography made tiny palms and the shadow of the right ski.

On two famous photos of Dyatlov dated February 01, 1959, brilliantly showing terrible weather and the presence of nine, he pointed a lot of skis without bindings, and even with incomprehensible shape ski tips. That is why leading researchers of the incident of the Dyatlov group hide these photos from the audience.

And he knows little about snow. He put Zina on the photo of Krivonischenko dated January 27, 1959 on fluffy snow without footprints behind and in front of her... He also cut off his shoulder, which was blocked by someone in the source image.


Allegedly, two photos of Krivonischenko and Dyatlov.

It is believed that the group of Dyatlov on January 28, 1959 walked along the Lozva river and in one of the places with a picturesque bank, were photographed in small groups. They took 10 photos, skiing, in one place, on the same background, on 4 cameras.

In the expert acts, Zolotarev and Thibo almost the same height, 172 and 174 cm; visually, this difference is not noticeable. But on the photo, Thibo is taller than Zolotarev by a third of his head, in another shorter by half a head. Fakes are both.

Researchers of the Dyatlov's group incident in the Internet explain the difference by the fact that the Dyatlov group members wore a stump, shot on elevations, fell into holes, stood on toes, feeling embrassed about their height, shot with different descriptive geometry, etc. But the explanation is simple: the master did not see the members of the Dyatlov group nearby and had no idea about their height. Before the publication of the acts of the medical examiner, no one knew about this at all, everything was opened with them...

Who is higher, dear researchers of the Dyatlov's group incedent, Zolotarev or Thibo, and why? Do i need to believe montages or medical examiners? And if photomontages, which of them?


In the second photo, we see a camera case with a rounded sidewall, on a disappearing strap.

In another photo the case is square))
The photomaster is a rare oaf.

Photo allegedly dated January 28, 1959. Yudin's visit to the kern storage.

It looks like a hand is inserted with a lappet of jacket. In the mirrored photo of farewell to Dubinina, Yudin’s hand with different proportions, long-fingered.

And a storm jacket of a different style. Compare with the familiar photo: on two - one, but mirrored, on the third is completely different, with a lappet from the padded jacket...

The hand and kern do not fit by the sharpness to the rest of the figure.

As usual, the photomaster, who inserted his hand, disguised his work as a "spoiled portion of the negative".

What do professional photographers think about this hand, and about why Yudin is dressed in a storm jaket and the lappet is from a padded jacket?

And in the story, of course, a visit to the kern storage and farewells are virtual events. The customer, who dictated the montage plot, was forced to add diaries, including about the kern storage.

The arguments were convincing, it is difficult to argue with them.

Etc  .

They were severely beaten before the murder - ... "we sewed holes (and there were so many that there was enough work for everyone, except for the two people on duty and Lyuda".... How can you not see that?

The three of them with rotten soft tissues of the face were even held for decomposition until April placing - so that there were fewer questions about the marks on their soft tissues.


A very common question: why were students killed?

It is useless to answer it to those who want the GRU, the CIA, the KGB, the MIA, the bloody mansi, the spirits of the mountains... Suddenly, knowing nothing about the workshop and its prominent actions, it is impossible to get at the story of the Dyatlov group. And for those who are familiar with the blogg, I will answer this way.

Why homeless people were tortured before the murder, making " fighters who died in the battle for Donetsk airport on may 26, 2014". Then, why did they kill 96 people after torturing and brought them to Smolensk . Etc. In order to get shocking content to create a media event. Typical clique perfomance. "Props" in perfomances with real corpses are killed simply as "props", without any other reason than the need to ensure the perfomance. Contribute to the reasons and versions should be writers, the internet communityes, the media.

The performance accompanied tremendous changes in politics, economics, culture, and especially in spirituality, the thaw began. The main thing that should have been taken out of the shocking content was hatred of state agencies, special forces, special services, the state - in those years of the stalinist type in all its forms. The charge was so strong that the production and after 60 years are used by writers, publicists, bloggers.

The news has been published in the media since 1979. In 1959, it was distributed by the grapevine agency, which is much more efficient than the media (for the clique). From February to May, the whole of Sverdlovsk was excited  about the killing of students. Massively drove for formal searches, military from all over the country. Those warriors now also distributing appropriate content.


Who wants to, let's continue to search for the clues of montage in the "Dyatlov group photos"; all photos after January 26, 1959 are false, you can be sure.

I am very sorry for the work of the researchers of the Dyatlov group incident, writers, directors, journalists, psychics, ets., but what if the truth is more important?

What is the problem with the researchers of the Dyatlov group incident, adhering to missile, secret, other versions? For them the time and place of the death of February 2 at Otorten is inviolable and sacred, they cannot doubt the authenticity of the campaign and filming.

Why were they so terribly secret about Otorten not to let them in, but having let them go, killed the group of Dyatlov? In January 1959, there were groups of Blinov, Shumakov-Vladimirov, Fomenko before Dyatlov, in February, Sogrin and Karelin, before the search, the crowds walked with the beginning of the search. And no one noticed the objects and secrets that could not be admitted. Was there a real scary state secret - they would simply not approve the route to either Dyatlov or other sportsmen.

Everything is standard, as in all perfomances. In January 2009, hundreds of search engines searched for “Mi-171 passengers” everywhere except Chorny mountain, while chopped people and wreckage were laid out there . Thousands of employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the search for “An-2 passengers” near Serov in 2012, when a small group brought and burned wreckage and bones two steps from the airfield ...

In Sverdlovsk, the authorities fanned the hype and version of the murder, and did not hide it. The party leadership, which provided wide publicity, as noted by the blogger jurican, received career growth.

Two words about the famous “traces of the members of the Dyatlov`s group on the pass”. They were canceled by Ivanov, the curator of the production, who had attached to the criminal case the document on snowstorms with snowdrifts in the first days of February, and Blinov with the note in his diary about the impossibility of aerial reconnaissance of the upper reaches of Auspiya on the Yak-12 plane on February 21, 1959 due to bad weather. And if there are traces on the pass, then these are just traces of props carriers.

And these corpses cancel the tale twice about February 1-2. 

Snow did not cover Doroshenko’s head, Krivonischenko’s head,  leg, arm. Their torsos are powdered but not covered. This means that the bodies were delivered after the bad weather on February 21. Three others are buried in snow, and these two are left in the forest (in a natural snow accumulator) - an oversight of props carriers, aggravated by Ivanov.

And another mistake of Ivanov. Sheets of the case 376-377 - additional questions to the expert, radiologist Levashov

Question 4:

What do you think, what could be the degree of contamination of individual objects, if we take into account that before your research they were in running water for about 15 days.
We are talking about the things of the four found 05.05.1959 in the stream.

Minus 15 days is mid-April.

From somewhere Ivanov knows that the bodies got into the stream (i.e. they were delivered and buried there) in the middle of April. How does Ivanov know this, if he is not the curator of the fake event?.


The story of Dyatlov’s group is simple and tragic, as is the case with all victims of the clique’s perfomances. On January 26, 1959, the group left Vizhay in a "passing" truck to the place of their final stay and death, the abandoned village of the 2nd Northern Mine, this ended the hike. They were beaten and killed there, adding that they could do it in their diaries with their hands, completing whom they could for a "photo trip" (a huge number of pictures were taken in a 30-minute walk from the abandoned village) - Thibо voluntarily, Zolotarev and Slobodin by force . The guys were able to signal this in diaries, including the death car (From Kolmogorova’s diary : "stayed in the DRIVER'S room". Well, ten people with equipment...)

In the 41st quarter, they did not stop. Two of the three witnesses to their stay in the village, who had left and were sent away, disappeared from sight, the third, the chief of, had incentives to sign several words to Protocol (although there would be a strike by lumberjacks ...). No more evidence than filming. The famous Ognev-Boroda, who allegedly kept a secret with Dyatlov, was the first to be questioned by the authorities, and since there is no examination, then there is no Ognev. Photos of him and lumberjacks are fake; either the killers themselves. They had a shortage of models, they could easily use their faces.

At the maximum, there are 13 of them with a photographer. The plate above the door is simply set. Diatlov group - inserted.

Looking at the rear of the palms of some of them, it becomes clear, where the criminal tattoos from Zolotarev came from, which were not seen by any of the relatives and drove into the stupor and conspiracy rage the researchers of the incident of the Dyatlov's group and its research itself.

In the 2nd Northern village, bypassed by the investigative authorities thanks to the efforts of Ivanov, there are many signs of habitation of a small group, even on the supposedly farewell photo of the Dyatlov group. The lamp on the pillar is lit, the snow is being cleared by unknown man, paths are trodden to several houses, in the middle of the road are visible ruts from autotransport.

In the photo from November 2, 1954, there is even a long barrack from the shooting allegedly in 41 blocks, which is not present on topographic maps of 41 blocks.

The first five bodies and the tent were comfortably delivered by sleigh or car across the ice of Lozva (so that there were no questions about the thickness of the ice - the fishermen on Lozva drive all types of cars ), then Auspiа (the winter road along it was also on maps of the 1960s ); from it to the pass 1300 m of flat terrain. Apparently, on the night of February 23, 1959. Sticking up a tent in an idiotic place and carrying bodies from persons like a group will take an hour.

On the photo dated January 27, 1959 allegedly made by Krivonischenko, was has a road to the 2nd North along Lozva, and a piece of the track is not of skies at all.

On the photo of the same path from Zolotarev’s film, the right part is probably from the last shot of the Dyatlov group, when they were still free.

Open the full photo. In the distance, part of the track is not erased, obviously not from the skis. On the right, bushes at the bottom and branches at the top are characteristically blurred - photographed from a car in motion. The track along the side of the road was left not at all by ten skiers with sleigh runners, but by three or four very inept persons.


I wish you well, clear mind and good health.


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