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Monthly stubble of Thibo-Brignoles. Another evidence of the forgery of the camping and the filming of the Dyatlov's group

Let's try to ask respected researchers of the Dyatlov's group incedent from the Khibinforum-files what they think about the forgery of the camping and the filming of the Dyatlov's group.

Maybe it is time for respected researchers of the Dyatlov's group incident to pay attention to another fact related to these photos, according to legend, taken on 02.01.1959, the last in Thibo's life?

These are the last three photos of Thibo-Brignoles from the "filming of the Dyatlov's group", allegedly taken on 02.01.1959, frames No. 13, 14, 15 of film No. 3 according to Koskin . Thibo shaved on them less than a day ago (on a densely overgrown brunette Tibo, even the daily unshaven face looks bright and noticeable).


On all other "shootings of the Dyatlov's group" the length of the Thibo's stubble is not more than 1-2 mm.

In the actof the forensic expert , stubble up to 1 cm long are fixed - sheets 352-354 CC.

Act of forensic research.

The centimeter-long mustache and beard are also clearly visible in the only available post-mortem photo of Thibault-brignol, taken by a search participant Mokhov.

How did a man who allegedly was shot on 02.01.1959 and supposedly died 02.02.1959 at the pass near Otorten, manage to grow a monthly stubble after death?

This fact testifies to only one thing - the forgery of both the camping and the filming of the Dyatlov's group.

Is it not time to review, by virtue of this, and very, very many other facts - see them here - the dates and conditions of death and filming?

Another photo with the smoothly shaven Thibo, 01.26.1959 in Vizhay.

This is how Thibault should look with a mustache of about a centimeter length when he did not shave during a three-week campaign on July 31-22 - August 1958 in the Altai Mountains.

This is he at the beginning of the campaign

This is he near the end.

That is how it should be on January 26, 1959. Of course, there is nothing remotely similar to this mustache on any "photo of the campaign of the Dyatlov group"

Sheets of the criminal case 252-253. Things identified and returned to Thibo’s relatives. Item 14: Lollipop box with a razor.

I will answer right away for the researchers of the Dyatlov's group incedent, who were going to tell me about the hair growth of the dead in legends and fairy tales. No one medical examiner, pathologist and just a sane medic does not confirm these fairy tales. The maximum that can be visually taken for growth is that a part of the hair will open in the amount of daily growth of 0. 3 - 0. 4 mm due to drying of the skin, but not 10 mm. The very depth of hair under the human's skin of the upper lip of 1-2, 5 mm excludes any theoretical possibility for trolling on the theme of "opening through drying."

And for other researchers of the incident of the Dyatlov group, who will begin to tell me about their own or personally observed super-record stubble growth. Human stubble grow at a rate of 0.32-0.38 mm per day. In other words, 1 cm of Thibo's stubble grew 26-31 days after the last shave. On the densely overgrowing brunette Thibo-Brignole, even daily unshaven face is noticeable, and the centimeter stubble should look like a short beard and mustache of black color. Which, of course, is not close to any photo of the camping of the Dyatlov's group. Record hair growth in sheeps of certain coarse-haired breeds, animal world champions, in terms of hair growth - 1 mm per day, 30 mm per month. Meat, meat-and-milk, meat-and-fat, fine-haired and semi-fine-haired sheep breeds are significantly inferior in this indicator. Nevertheless, in any discussion of the centimeter stubble of Thibo on the Internet, as a rule, there is at least one sheep, whose hair growth is significantly higher than that of both humans and coarse-haired sheep breeds.

For reference: table of the depth of occurrence and speed of hair growth.

I wish you well, clear mind and good health!

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